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Hello world! I don’t know you anymore.

She against your events has rose, his ancestors yet have strove Our arousers from that broad shaft, me, within this uncalled scar They haven’t been carefully read, these giants shall all have fled Perfectly curled outside his skills, your lyrics have existed Incite here against the … Continue reading

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Thoughts and Poetic Injustice

mightily against this media aching with those wrecked liars read fragrantly of my pieces excitingly correct him with a myth I wasn’t swishing I am going to be shut unsightliest without it’s soup that prospect astride a shoe above spirals … Continue reading

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Absence makes the Heart Grow… Noizy

I, like most I’m sure, have bouts where "life" in general requires undivided attention and since my musical endeavors are not a full time job, and sadly not close to paying ANY bills(heh heh)and not as important as say a … Continue reading

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First Impressions

Some people say, "Always put your best foot forward" …   I like to keep mine in my mouth… where it belongs!  

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to understand a BILLION

This was brought to my attention today via email and although I have felt this way for years, I don’t think I could have said it better myself.  So without plagiarizing or losing the focus intended, I’ll just paste it in … Continue reading

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May Day

In the grand scheme of things, this little blue sphere we inhabit, is such an amazingly insignificant speck of cosmic dust that it boggles the imagination.  Astronomers using that huge orbiting telescope have recently witnessed the collision of two distant GALAXIES… … Continue reading

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Later April Fools

April 26th, 2008…   Green grass yesterday, 8 inches of snow on the ground this morning… and it’s still coming down.  April Fool’s !!    Really, it’s SNOWING… good one there Mother Nature !!   Yer a riot!    Regular … Continue reading

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