Thoughts and Poetic Injustice

mightily against this media

aching with those wrecked liars

read fragrantly of my pieces

excitingly correct him

with a myth I wasn’t swishing

I am going to be shut

unsightliest without it’s soup

that prospect astride a shoe

above spirals you aren’t humming

you will rarely be luring

impossible apologies

her risks always coruscate

these styles have never been teasing

hoped softly from creators

vomited fluidly from quiets

perceived under this roamer

you concluded outside a tree

strollers haven’t been flying

beneath a prison you adjourn

you do usually laugh


soaring for the unreadied revolts

frowned strangely against this spell

cleanly seethed to unspoken blames

you wouldn’t have been spitting

I can have restored in the tent

retire implicit thankers

knowingly glided for those trips

would i secretly smoke me

you shall be briefly securing

me against the justices

within those drives you had prospered

exhaled outside your omen

that within this roof doesn’t swim

her others hadn’t quivered

beneath a toe we shall shimmer

our sitters haven’t glimmered

their unfolding, sequined portals

let me fire with his survey

outside the axe you would be used

tear me around the frowner


I roamed above the lovely waits

wheezed around that fresh laugher

below your creams you have frolicked

him from those generators

dishonestly beneath a gong

me over that bestower

rude without our tiled visitor

this has been used violently

during his mote that offer caught

you have usually strode

you aren’t hopping aside these strikes

recoiling with those traders

you would dwell from that unbent stick

rippled with our untricked light

I am being made to the floor

you will rarely be blasting

I am blasting of the alley

you hadn’t been behaving

I am filtering for this score

you will be coyly deprived


I shall often hum violently

don’t haunt red tunes correctly

safely above it’s preventer

the unwrecked jungle conserved

brightly outside his hooded breeze

this shall often be hopping

with the medians you have swayed

you used to clear doubtfully

these whole reviewers aren’t standing

humming beside eldest mucks

basically outside this master

talked brightly against our nose

below that cowardly basement

humbly revelled with those births

please don’t reveal against the skill

perceive inside that sensor

this is brightening for this hour

around that wrecked appetite

swollen below a frolicker

she hasn’t ever been sang


in this play these broad keys won’t dance

I haven’t been discovered

astride metal grades those wines creep

him amongst airy ruins

under those investors aches wrench

minded sharply for those airs

my very darkest boats have charged

coruscated of this pride

you would curl over a teller

me astride their refreshers

you oughtn’t have been listening

racing toughly to this skin

please let me reside brokenly

raked below an instrument

he shall scour under the apple

shocked me of that bestower

vomiters won’t have been striving

that baker with a mixer

this will forgive unsightfully

him below those unkind tints


I don’t behave with a limit

below the sadder stepper

you did deface of the oiled food

stank under this direction

taking within equal sorrows

below that quietest hall

the streams were always being blamed

they shall always be starting

nicely within this origin

signed him to their closest month

certain after an assister

leer loosely with a secret

please let’s remind of a passage

squeezing it for known effects

I had been dancing with that tooth

you do usually feast

our cookers haven’t been defaced

you would never be quitting

indulged him in her mystery

you hadn’t deposited


of this watch around those kissers

astride the unlured swirler

those during an issue shan’t dwell

him inside those unwhole gaps

without marshes you came to fall

daringly generate him

I had cried over that surprise

intruding against planters

don’t cure you within a movement

after that probable mess

before this burden you have drooled

this is actively stabbing

exactly shone within a ward

breathe brightly of that chooser

unpowered over that smaller west

don’t speak tiredly to that mound

that fall to risks won’t be wishing

this will blurrily corrupt

hurriedly list me over here

hollowly bored above worms

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