Absence makes the Heart Grow… Noizy

I, like most I’m sure, have bouts where "life" in general requires undivided attention and since my musical endeavors are not a full time job, and sadly not close to paying ANY bills(heh heh)and not as important as say a Kitchen Fire, that of priority limits my artistic "production".

After a couple days, I can feel the difference in overall attitude, social interaction, cerebral/cognitive function…

If this extended hiatus starts pushing a week, irritability starts to take hold, sense of humor evaporates…snarling, snapping…gnashing of rapidly elongating canine teeth…

That’s as long as I’ve ever gone thankfully, for the sake of all local humanity… without divine (i.e. spousal "Just go to your damn studio and make noize with your toys"… to paraphrase), intervention.

And the noizes ARE heaven… All the buttons and knobs and meters and tracks and synths and cables and…

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