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Spring has sprung here in the armpit of the nation.  The snow has all but disappeared and the ice is quickly leaving the big water.  The lilacs and poplar trees are budding, and things are greening up rapidly.
While raking the wet, compacted leaves from the lawn ( the ones that fell AFTER I raked last fall) I can thoroughly enjoy the respiratory distress caused by the abundance of ground mold spores.    Saw a Great Blue Heron fly overhead.  You know winter is over when those gangly birds fly back. 
The rank aroma of the local Paper Mill digestor was so pungent yesterday, it coulda gagged a maggot.  The biggest local employer, perhaps.  But why does it hafta smell so bad?
Gas hit $3.59 a gallon locally, I never thought I’d see it, but then pleasant little suprises like that seem so frequent now I can hardly make sense of them.  Let’s see how this affects the #1 local revenue "Tourism" this summer. 
They arrested a 12 year old boy, a sixth grader… for calling in bomb threats to the local school district here.  Three seperate threats.  The first time they evacuated all the schools, kind of chaotically, but everyone was delivered safely.  Really shook the kids up.  And dammit… kids shouldn’t hafta be worried about that crap when they are in elementary school.  So ends the innocent life in NowhereVille, USA.  I imagine this one will be tied up in the system for awhile.  Federal Law now allows up to LIFE IN PRISON for such a crime, I believe. 
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